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What's in your bottle?

Sugar and spice and all things nice?

Coca-Cola wanted to tell people in a very simple and honest way, 'What's actually in a bottle of Coke' for 23 languages across multiple devices. The basic ingredients shown in a simple, digestable and scalable format. We developed a set of design guidelines based around Coke's own brand guidelines that we could use to inform our thinking. We combined this with a splash of parallax movement, for added depth, and subtle animation to bring an honest story to life, all while making a very simple site and enjoyable brand experience.

Bold Simplicity

Clear and simple use of product and lifestyle photography and typography - bold headings, clean and flexible layouts for all languages - presenting information in an easily digestbale and enjoyable format.


Real Authenticity

Using a mixture of product and lifestyle photography we've connected the brand back to the people who love it (slightly sickening I know), creating a more varied and interesting experience.


The Power of Red

Smart use of red throughout the site creates clear markers and navigation as well as sign posting for reassurance and brand association. The simple but engaging interactions and animations, coupled with the use of the familiar brand assets, colour, and content, has brought a simple site to life.


Client - Coca-Cola
Agency - FCBInferno
Role - Art and Creative Direction
Video production - Tim Foster
Designer - Scott Thomsen

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