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Bringing the big screen experience to your screens

Our overall creative ambition is to make the big screen experience as amazing as it can be, helping build anticipation and excitement for cinema goers, all while making booking as quick and easy as possible. Along the way we've sprinkled moments of magic to make your experience with Vue a more premium and indulgent one.

We created a set of design principles that underpinned the design and UX thinking to making booking a breeze, choosing your seat a doddle, and bringing the cinematic experience to all your screens.


Cinematic design principles

Cinema is a sensory experience, juxtaposing sensory deprivation with overload. We create moments of true darkness against brilliant light cutting through to be truely immersive and exciting.

The screen is the star and the content is your hero. We've played with scale, used the fantastic film photography to create massive impact to inspire. Our guiding principle of 'Pure Focus' means we never over clutter the page and by using a minimal colour palette, rich dark tones with guiding accents of orange, we lead the eye to tell your story.

Our design and interaction tools take inspiration from film transtions and visual language of films, textures of cinema, cinematic lighting for an immersive and atmospheric experience.

We created an interface that was minimal, yet eCommerce focused and of course fully responsive. We combined withcinematic techniques like focus pulls, and plunging elements into darkenss with over techniques for a more premium and atmospheric experience.


Booking that's a breeze

We've simplified booking to make it as quick and easy for cinema goers. Our design patterns allow you to quickly and easily jump between choosing seats, change your tickets or select an alternative time to see your film. We've applied the same design pattern to choosing seats, so it's less fiddly (even on mobile) and easy to add new tickets, or upgrade to a premium seat if you like the look of the those within a prime spot.

New patterns and modules

Our pages are designed and made up from modules, components, templates - reusable pieces that we can pull together to construct our pages and the elements that sit on them.

It means we’re not reinventing from scratch every time we design a feature. We learn and build from the tools we have already.


Vue Vue

Making it unmistakably Vue

Going to the cinema should be treat. Your time with Vue should feel indulgent, not a chore - a more luxurious and premium experience. We revel in the craft and pay attention to detail. We've treated every moment as a opportunity to pull the brand through to enhance the service and interactions. Even the icons have been crafted to feel special and reflect the Vue brand.

Using angles from the Vue logo, we can help visually suggest interactive elements and create contrast, whilst providing interesting ways to have more ownership over each of the film titles.

Vue Vue

To be continued...

Throughout the project process we've explored, adapated and tinkered, all while looking at ways to improve the experience for people and their cinema going needs. There's a lot more exciting things to come...


Client - Vue
Agencies - TH_NK
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative Director - Phil Wilce
UX Lead - Matt Theakston
Designer - Ted Sterchi

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