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The Virgin Atlantic app, travel made easier, less stressful and your experience of flying a little more Virgin

With the insight that flying is an emotional journey as much as it is a physical one. Customers just want to be less stressed when travelling, so our ambition was to create an indispensable travel sidekick that makes flying easier, less stressful with simple touches to lift your flight out of the ordinary.

An travel app that knows where you are, what you need and when you need it.

It recognises when you're due to fly, where you need to drop your bags, and how to order a taxi in Mandarin when you land after your long haul flight in Shanghai. An app that inspires, simplifies and makes flying a pleasure again. In the future all you'll need to travel is the app and your passport (and probably not your passport in a few years).


Client - Virgin Atlantic
Agencies - LBi
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative director - Julian Cross

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