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Virgin Atlantic

Redesigning the world's favourite airline

A little less red, but still very Virgin

Overhauling one of the world's favourite airlines and making an experience that looks and feels unmistakeably Virgin. We worked closely with Virgin's internal branding team to interpreted their new identity and produced a strong visual language and guiding principles for use across all digital channels - with focus on typography, iconography and photography as well as developing a fantastic tone of voice and interactive experience.

Virgin Atlantic

We wanted to create an experience that removed stress and made flying feel great again, a luxurious, stylish, Virgin experience. Whether you're booking, researching, seeking inspiration, or making a complaint, every touch point has a virgin twist that reflect their iconic level of customer service.

Virgin Atlantic

Our approach to design was to bring a sense of elegance and indulgence back to flying - make the experience of booking as exciting and enjoyable as possible, after all it really is the start of your journey with Virgin (sorry that sounds very cheesy). All our interactions were designed, and tested to be as simple, and effortless as possible - to make travllers feel as relaxed as possible (one of our 6 guiding principles).

Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic

Our use of Gotham as a typeface, brings a sense of refinement and elegance to the page, helping guide the user, adding an editorial feel to the content, and even extending in to our use of iconography where we mirror line weight and curves.

Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic

Throughout the experience we brought that Virgin spririt - We could have settled for the usual wine glass within our icongraphy, though we've pushed the boat out in Virgin style with a first glass champagne flute, as well as cheeky custom imagery for the drier sections of the site.

Virgin Atlantic


As well as making light work of booking and making your flight search a doddle, we created a series of inspiring guides and smart dashboard that suggested great places to visit based on where you've been within the site and also your browsing history.

Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic

Taking care of all the big little things

How do you show how all the small details make your experience with Virgin Atlantic special and unique? We developed storyboard creative for Virgin Atlantic’s cabins and lounge to increase conversion whilst being aspirational and shareable. Our insight told us that Virgin can claim “Your airline's either got it or it hasn't” because of the attention it pays to every detail.

Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic

The results

So far, so good. Engagement was increased by 15%, customer dropout was greatly reduced and more upsells were made, creating a lot of happier travellers. We also picked up a few awards along the way including Gold for Best User Experience at the Lovies 2013.

My role

Art direction and lead the design of the new look site. Designing all the key experiential pages - flight booking, search results, seatmaps as well other content managed templates and iconography. Lead photoshoots, regularly presented work to client, and worked with the creative director and in close collaboration with EA team to establish a solid interaction language.


Client - Virgin Atlantic
Agencies - LBi
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative Director - Julian Cross
Designers - Jade Goldsmith, Benjamin Schwab
Copy writer - Jon Attaway
Video production - Virgin Produced

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