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Design direction for ALJ Toyota in Saudi Arabia

Most automotive websites are like shampoo adverts, predictable, formulaic and dull. We wanted a design direction with a little bit more thought and story behind it, something that breaks from the norm and would acutally appeal to the local market.

As part of the pitch we set the art direction based around the concept of 'arabesque artistic decoration' - linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing shapes that combined with other elements and help formed our underlying grid pattern - Unlike most pitches, the design direction has since carried through into the real life build.

Toyota Toyota

Not your usual design patterns

With our arabesque grid system in place, we thought wouldn't it be cool if the colours within our patterns actually felt dynamic and in sync with the colours of the cars they were around. So that's what we did. We built a smart system that allows the geometric pattern to take on the surrounding car colours, dynamic and in-sync.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

Saudi Arabia is your showroom

Toyota are one of the most popular cars within the Saudi market, so why not use this to our advantage and turn every car in to mobile showroom. Our ambition was to allow every car to be 'scanned' - showing you all the car details and particulars, from wheel trim to shiny metallic finish. Every driver and car becomes an ambassador.

Toyota Toyota

Client - ALJ Toyota Saudi Arabia
Agency - TH_NK
My role - Art & Design Directon
Design Direction - Gary Glozier
Creative director - Phil Wilce

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