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Hello Scholl

Creating a digital design langauge for a global brand

Your feet really do deserve better

Our brief was to develop a visual design language and set of principles for the new Scholl footcare and footwear website based around the proposition that 'your feet deserve better'. Leading the design team across the UK and Italian offices we created a design language that reflected Scholl's commitment to foot expertise, whilst also being more fun, friendly and reflecting a mondern editorial style. Less medical and more fun.

It’s like Vogue, but for your feet.


Enticing and unexpected

We’ve combined the staple brand colours with a brighter modern palette to compliment and refresh the slightly tired medical look for a more inspiring experience. We’ve broken out of the normal grid, make it feel less boxy and free flowing - shapes overlap, products stand out and are lifted through our use of background shapes and colours.


Editorial at heart

Combining beautiful spacious layouts, and through the use of ‘white space’ we’ll create focus in the right places for a richer editorial feel. Our use of typography will play a large part in our design, each font and colour chosen with specific moments of communication in mind - whether it’s a page, headline or the helpful voice for those pearls of wisdom.

Always the expert

We wanted to support Scholl’s long heritage in foot care through contextually presenting the information in a clear and easy to understand way supported by product/lifestyle photography, iconography and illustrations. The existing product photography felt very clinical on white and not at all exciting. By using bold background colours and shapes we've been able to set stages for the products - for a more interesting and enticing visual experience.


Less medical more illustrative

We've used illustration as a way to handle sensitive situations or problmatic ailments. It’s important that we use illustration in a supportive and thoughtful way. It allowed us to inject a little more personality in to areas that are traditionally almost medical text book in nature - moving away from the CGI pharmaceutical imagery to a more human approach.


Lifestyle photography

Our photography always supports and enhances the stories we’re telling. They shouldn’t feel cheesy ans should always be used in context and treated so they all feel part of the same editorial family, and wouldn’t feel out of place within the pages of a fashion magazine.


Client - Scholl
Agencies - LBi
Role - Art and Design Direction
Designer - Sarah Ramsey

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