The Post Office travel buddy

How can The Post Office make your holiday and planning for that next trip easier? It's often hard to gauge how much money to take away with you, especially if you've never been to a country before. As you use the app it learns about you, your travel needs, and where you are going, to help you choose the right amount of money to take with you. It would also provide you with useful and contextual travel money information. By using this data the Post Office is then able to suggest three levels of budget for our discerning holiday maker, and of course then help other like minded travellers improve their holiday money spending.

The Post Office
Post Office

AIn under 3 weeks we designed, and built a working prototype in Phonegap to give the client an idea of how the app could come to life - The Post Office Travel buddy was born.

The Post Office
The Post Office

Client - Post Office - Pitch
Agency -FCBInferno
Role - Art and creative direction
Creative director - Steven Bennett-Day
Creative team - Kate and Anna
Designers - Scott Thomsen and Joe Allison

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