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Have a ruddy good break...

Over three years we worked with KitKat to create their brand platform, numerous campaigns, adverts the odd game of tennis, and even a world cup chocolate finger based app. At the heart of all our work was insight that KitKat was the nations favourite chocolatey breaktime snack.

We used this insight to make these rare moments of rest better, and help reinforce that breaktimes are more enjoyable with the chocolate wafer fingers we know and love.


Kit Kat website art direction

We wanted to create a site that that was a little different from your usual FMCG product info. Something that felt playful, fun and lovingly crafted - using a cut-out paper layered effect we built a popup book world filled with it's very own musueum, chocolate tetris, and a roller skating panda.

KitKat KitKat

KitKat World Cup

We helped the nation cross their chocolatey and regular fingers in support of England at the worldcup. We also designed and developed KitKat's first ever app that allowed fans to play referee and dish out Red and yellow cards should their mates refuse to make a brew, or support England.

KitKat KitKat

New KitKats please

More KitKats you say. That's right, but this time without a chocolately wafer bar in sight, just tennis made fun. No tedious rules and plenty of gratutious grunting. Following on from the series of TV adverts 'Working like a machine' we were asked to develop an online game.

Kit Kat already had a strong facebook following and we wondered if we could utilise this in some way - Having seen the emergence of 'Facebook Connect' we felt it'd be a great opportunity to create a game that allowed you to battle your facebook avatars, then throw down the challenge for them to beat you - A great way to encourage sharing and replaying of the game.

KitKat Tennis

Stylistically, we wanted a fun a engaging game that felt lovingly crafted - as if you'd made the game on a table top at home from cutting bits out of a magazine and old photos. The use of the 3D papervision gives the game both a sense of depth and real movement as you dance about the court - There's also a pumping sound track that will make you want to grow a mullet, don a sweat band and get on the court.

KitKat Tennis KitKat Tennis

KitKat Music Break

The special Kit Kat packs are printed with an AR marker that can be used to activate a 3D music video of Scouting for Girls (ask your mum and dad)... The initial frame tempts the user to engage with the pack by gently bouncing on the page... Upon rollover the Kit Kat pack spins in to life and quickly morphs into a live stage, complete with band playing a little ditty.

KitKat Music Break

Love music. Love it live

The next ideas were to show how peoples love of music is enhanced by experiencing it live. Using a combination of filmed sequences of individuals enjoying their music; on the tube to work, in the shower or just chilling out on the sofa, we'd show a swift transition from the everyday scenario, transporting the actor to a live real world gig. Simple frames of copy intersperse the filmed scenes communicating clearly 'Love music?'... 'Love it Live' followed by an end frame with a clear call to action.

KitKat Music Break KitKat Music Break KitKat Music Break

Client - Nestle
Agencies - skive
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative Director - Louis Clement
Creative Partner - Matt Stafford

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