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J2O - Creating a platform for brand change, all starts with the perfect blend of ingredients

With the insight that a bottle of J2O is sold every 6 seconds in the UK, yet teenagers currently make up the largest share of their consumers, we set out to create a shift in the brand perception of J2O. Our ambition - Become the soft drink that makes adult get togethers better.


We've created a beautiful new responsive website that supports all campaigns and social channels. We also crafted stories around the drinks themselves, supported by our new visual language to add an inferred sense of provenance.


Using a combination of mixed typography, photography and product imagery we set out to create a visual style that felt fun, well crafted, and generally much more grown up.


We all ask our seleves the question "Who visits an FMCG site?" True, but they're expected and so why not make it look and feel as beautiful and fun as it could possibly be. We added some charming little touches like rolling beads of condensation that followed the contours of the bottle, as well as some lovingly crafted kinematic typography to bring our product stories to life, and help guide the users eye.


Client - J2O - Britvic
Agency - TH_NK
My role - Art Director
Creative director - Phil Wilce
Design - Ted Sterchi

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