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Food Futures

Digital innovation and ideas for today's food shoppers

Creating digital tools that turn your online food shopping into a service for better living

Over the past few years online food shopping has rapidly increased due to the convernience of regular bulk buys and all the handy tools at our disposal. Online grocery shopping as a category has a problem with the perception of fresh produce, and for many, the convenience of online shopping has removed choice, ‘inspiration’ and variety.

This presents an opportunity to develop a number of ideas, tools and service innovation focused around the customer cycle of planning, shopping and cooking, across all the different devices we use.

Food Futures


Inspiration for cooking can come at any time. We want to make planning meals easier for customers, so they can look forward to the food they’ve chosen and not see food shopping as a chore. How can Tesco inspire customers to get excited and love the food they eat?

Recipe Toolbar

Tesco is with you when you’re browsing recipes or looking at food photos. As a browser plugin, the toolbar stays out of view until a recipe appears.

The Tesco toolbar then lets you add the ingredients to your shopping basket, and get an instant ‘cost to cook’ price.

Food Futures

Basket inspiration

Buying the same usuals every week makes a shop easy but eating the same thing can be dull. We look at what customers are buying and what they like to eat and suggest a couple of additions to make a new recipe. It’s looking at tried and tested favourites in a new way.

Food Futures


We want to use what we know about customers, and their needs to make it simple, while sharing our knowledge and passion for food so they feel guided through the process. How can Tesco use in depth customer data to guide choice while still enabling discovery?

We proposed the use of conversational UI's, to chat with your local butcher and meet the real faces of Tesco, and smarter ways of filtering, so you only see products based on your own values. Realtime updates of your order, something we've seen become a norm with the likes of Deliveroo, allow you to keep track of your order - just in case you're late home from work. Smarter substitutions allow your pickers to know what items you need for which recipes and swap them out for you.

Food Futures
Food Futures


Good cooking starts with quality ingredients. There’s a mistrust of food quality when buying online, because you can’t feel, smell or choose the items yourself. Customers need to trust the overall quality of the food during and after their shop. We can help them cook their food at its very best and avoid food waste. How can Tesco inspire trust in the freshness and quality of its food so customers get the most out of their cooking?

Food Futures
Food Futures

Design Considerations

As well introducing new smart tools, the design and refinement of specific elements like navigation, use of colour, the Tesco chevrons, and product imagery can elevate the brand experience, and create a better service.

Food Futures

The current navigation has evolved organically and represents a business centric, traditional view of Tesco grocery. Moving to a new customer centric model, delivers on the values Simple, Honest, Human and re-enforces a customers natural food journey through the stages Plan, Shop, Cook; encompassing more than just the grocery shop itself.

Building on the core colours of Red, Blue and White we add warmth, vibrancy and a feeling of freshness with additional colours and tonal variants, whilst also using secondary colours to compliment product imagery

Food Futures

The current photography is confusing at a glance, with so many options represented by similar or poorly shot photos, often obscured by labels or offers, cold and unloved. Simplicity is fine, though hero the food with larger, more inspiring images that feel natural - Using product imagery within packages on listings and supported by photography that shows food at it’s best.

Food Futures

Client - Tesco
Agencies - DigitasLBi
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative Director - Helen Fuchs
Designer - Craig Jones

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