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Brawling Billboard

Art direction of award winning charity campaign

Ad-man sells his body for charity

As part of a charity boxing event between LBi and city traders Execution at the Emirates stadium, we wanted to raise some money though avoid the usual email spamming of friends and family; while offering both a creative and engaging experience - hopefully this would encourage people to part with their hard earned pennies.

The idea - a boxing ad man with space for advertising across every available space on his body, a mix between Mike Tyson and Don Draper, acreative yet potentially dangerous/buddist/boxer.

Brawling Billboard

Initially we wanted to create an all singing and dancing flash site, though with budget constraints and a lack of flash development skills we looked else where... Hello Facebook. Using the social networks 'tagging' ability we created a simple set of pages where sponsors could 'tag' themselves on the boxers body parts, post their design to the wall, then donate the all important monies through 'Just Giving

Brawling Billboard Brawling Billboard Brawling Billboard

The results

With over 50 ads, and over £1600 raised for charity (an average of £32 per ad) and an awesome night of boxing - plus a lost voice the next. A hi-lights reel was posted on facebook and to give those who invested donated feedback we tagged the body ads in pictures from the night. We also picked up couple of awards along the way too, IAB - Creative showcase winner, March 2011 and New York Festivals - Bronze award 2011


Agency - LBi
Client - Help for heros
Role - Art Direction/Design
Creative director - Matt Stafford
Additional design & Art Direction - Alistair McKnight
Filming - Lee Daley

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