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Brandon Generator

Immersive interactive campaign

Coffee, a mysterious girl, and monsters combine for a unique user generated digital experience

Microsoft wanted to show how their new browser is one of the best out there. IE9 supports all the sexy new HTML5 wizardry that we've seen on Google - so how do show this on IE?

Get a Hollywood director (Edgar Wright), famous illustrator/animator (Tommy Lee Edwards) and produce the first ever crowd sourced animated film, where 'YOU' as the viewer, have the opportunity to say how the story of Brandon and his coffee fuelled adventures will develop and unfold.

Brandon Generator

Each episiode was laced with interactive moments to encourage the user to not only contribute to the story, but also feel that there is more to the adventure than just the beautiful animation. Users will need to outrun creations of their own invention, battle SVG coffee monsters and help stop Brandon from being erased.

Brandon Generator
Brandon Generator

As Brandon's world developed so did the opportunity to explore and discover more within his flat. From scrabble puzzles, drawing pads and dictaphones left on his desk, we created moments to leave Brandon messages, suggestions, uncover secrets from his coffee riddled mind, all using the latest HTML5 technology to full effect.

Brandon Generator Brandon Generator Interuptive Banner advertising Brandon Generator

Going behind the scenes and getting under the hood to showcase the digital workings, was a strategic goal of the project - helping to open up the web technology to Microsoft's target audience of tech enthusiasts.

Behind the scenes Brandon OOH Brandon OOH Brandon OOH Brandon OOH

The results

62.3 million Twitter reach with most authoritative tweets from The Verge, BBC Click, Simon Pegg and Wired UK. Over 570,000 unique visitors to date. 10,300 contributions of text, images and voice messages. 308,342 YouTube views of the four episodes over the course of the campaign. 2,100,000 people interacted with the YouTube masthead (one day) delivering 50,000 visits to the site.

Along the way it picked up a few awards including - Lovies 2012 Silver peoples choice - HTML 5, Design, Movie & Film Lovies 2012 Bronze peoples choice - Integrated Experience Digital Impact 2012, Bronze awards - Best use of digital in a change or rebrand situation - Best use of online video

My role

Design and art direction of the project - Developing the creative concepts that help fuse the interactive elements, interface designs, HTML animations and transitions with the crowd sourcing moments. Working as part of a creative partnership we've help deliver a succinct campaign that spans mobile, digital media and a fantastic web experience.


Client - Microsoft
Agencies - LBi / 3 Monkeys
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative partner - Mara Vidal
Executive Creative Director - Simon Gill
Design - Manuela Silva  Alex Woodcock
Written/Directed - Edgar Wright
Illustration/Animation - Tommy Lee Edwards

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