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The Body Shop

Pitch concept design and art direction

Creating a brand spanking new responsive site that feels (and maybe smells) as good as The Body Shop products

We were invited to pitch for one of the UKs best known and well loved high street brands, and set out to create an experience that reflected their new brand positioning. We wanted to seduce and entice, bringing the high street experience of shopping at The Body Shop online with delicious design, tactile interactions, whilst making it feel more up market.

The Body Shop

My role...

Was to lead the design and help develop an interactive prototype for the pitch. Using a combination of rich macro and product photography and some smart eCommerce thinking, we created a visually rich shopping experience - one that helped showcase the product ranges in all their glory as well as supporting the Body Shop brand story.

The Body Shop The Body Shop
The Body Shop
The Body Shop The Body Shop The Body Shop The Body Shop

Agency - TH_NK
My role - Art & Design Directon
Creative director - Phil Wilce
User Experience - Diane Faidy

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