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Britvic Beta Week

Building a branded product with strategic purpose

Over the course of a week we set ourselves the challenge to design and build a useful product, backed up for smart insight, a real consumer problems and an idea that could transcensd campaigns, putting innovation at the heart of a clients agenda.

Insight — Kids and parents easily fall into a rut when looking for new active adventures. Anything that gets in the way of active adventures and the need for hydration is a problem for Fruit Shoot, so it’s our job to help.

Consumer Problem — There’s no YPlan for parents and kids. Parents are having to go to a dozen different sources of inspiration from personal recommendations, to online forums – but even then there’s no filter that makes these ideas relevant to their specific needs.

Opportunity — Create a trusted digital service that helps families to break free from the rut, with tailored adventure inspiration to keep kids active and inspired, healthy and curious.

Britvic Beta Week

Our Creative Ambition

To create a tool that is both fun for kids to use and also helpful for parents. To make an app that’s both functional from a parents point of view, but equally something that a kid would find playful, intriguing, spark their curiosity.  An app that inspires a spirit of adventure, helps fulfill the family’s needs, and instills brand trust.

Fun, intuitive and playful — Interactions and animations that encourage discovery, play. Bright, fresh and engaging. Bold use of colours, typography and shapes.

Easy for all hand sizes — Simple, yet functional – Easy for an adult without being childish, easy for a child without being too complicated. Easy to find adventures, smart notifications, building a profile over time.

Trustworthy — Community based ratings, themed recommendations – mummy bloggers. An app that works, doesn’t crash and delivers a high quality service.

Britvic Beta Week Britvic Beta Week

Moodboard - Bold, fun and full of colour for simple intuitive interactions.

Britvic Beta Week

A branded digital service that… actively used by our target audience, giving Fruit Shoot a platform for on-going communication across campaigns. Through continued use it helps also drive brand preference and authentically meets user needs by providing smart, data driven recommendations.


Client - Britvic Fruit Shoots
Agency - TH_NK
Role - Art and Design Direction
UX Lead - Diane Faidy
Design - Ted Sterchi
Strategy - Ramzi Yakob
Development - Jonny Vickers

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