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Augmented Reality meets Baxters healthcare

Don't Baxters make soup? True, but as I soon found out, this is a slightly different Baxters. Shame, I do like a good soup.

This Baxters are actually leading experts in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with over 45 years experience of delivering products and services relationships to hospitals and patients worldwide. Our challenge - engage visitors at a global medical exhibition and show off their rich heritage and links to world of Analgesics and Anesthetics.

Baxters AR app

With that in mind we wanted to offer a unique way to engage with people, provide them with something tactile they can move around and get a response from - step in AR. The idea - create an emerging helix spiral (reminiscent of a DNA strand) that represents a timeline of medical history, product development and prominent scientists.

Baxters AR app Baxters AR app

As the user rotates the AR marker, the timeline rotates forwards and backwards, floating in 3D space. As it reaches a prominent moment in medical history, the spiral locks in place, the product/scientist pops into view complete with interesting facts and voice over.

Baxters AR app Baxters AR app Baxters AR app Baxters AR app

Client - Baxters
Agencies - skive
Role - Art and Design Direction

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