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Start Thinking Soldier

Art direction of award winning interactive campaign

Connecting with potential British Army recruits

Give them a taste of life in the army in a way that they can relate to. Using a gaming method that they'd be potentially familiar with in their every day lives of Playstation or xBox gaming, and working alongside Publicis, skive produced a set of 16 interactive missions designed to test the users in areas of leadership, decision making, team work and fitness, all supported by a set of carefully crafted training missions.

Start Thinkinbg Soldier Start Thinkinbg Soldier

Using a combination of custom filmed, on location and green screen sequences; Flash; Unity 3D and papervision, we put together an unforgettable experience that not only delivered on the British Army's targets but also swept up a load of awards too.

Start Thinkinbg Soldier

I'm most proud of the seemless scope to video transitions, explosions and missles effects, nightvision scenes and all the interface design elements. The project was one of the biggest and most enjoyable I've worked on in a long while, a huge effort from all the team involved and many a mission wrap party.

Start Thinkinbg Soldier Start Thinkinbg Soldier Start Thinkinbg Soldier Start Thinkinbg Soldier Start Thinkinbg Soldier

Awards won

Along the way Start Thinking Soldier picked up a number of awards, as well as smashing the recruitment targets. Am particularly proud of the followng: D&AD 2010 - Direct / Integrated in book, FITC 2010 - Flash Motion Graphics, Webby Award Winner 2010 - Employment, Grand Prix CIPD - 2010, BIMA Awards 2009 - Games - Advergames

My role

Art direction and design of interactive elements, storyboarding and post production/animation plus a few special effects and explosions.


Client - COI/The British Army
Agencies - Skive/Publicis Modem
Role - Art and Design Direction
Creative Director - Louis Clement

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